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We Achieve Revenue & Marketing Goals Using Proven Methodologies


For over ten years, Snap has been refining its digital planning methodologies developing data-driven campaigns to meet each client’s objectives. We are experts at building SEO-Smart Websites, SEO, CRO-conversion rate optimization, and revenue attribution.

Discovery & Strategy | Website Design & Build | SEO | CRO | Content Marketing | Social Media | PPC | Sales Promotion

We have a proprietary methodology of problem solving that is brilliant; but what makes us most valuable are the six people at the top of our organization who are super smart and attack problems from completely different points of view. Our internal and collaborative debate about what is the best approach is our secret sauce.


Snap500 has over 20 years of experience developing sales promotions for Fortune 500 companies using our own proprietary methodology. We develop sales promotion programs to achieve objectives for sale reps, trade customers, and consumers.

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George Lee and Marc Grossfield

Meet George and Marc

“We are both entrepreneurs who really love to create and build brands – for profits and nonprofits as well. We’ve done it for ourselves, but we enjoy helping others even more.  There is no greater joy for us than having a client tell us that they are genuinely excited about the results we are achieving for them… it doesn’t get any better than this!”

Before Snap, George built fifteen of the most successful eCommerce sites in the nation; and Marc built one of the most successful promotional marketing agencies, and then two CPG companies. Snap500 is a subsidiary of Snap Agency specializing in the needs of larger companies, CPG, and companies which need promotional marketing services.

“Because of the way we are both wired we can’t help but think like owners when we approach each marketing challenge. Being honest with our clients is paramount. We will only work on projects which we feel extremely confident that we can help them achieve their goals. We base our strategic recommendations on data, and we have a lot of data having worked on marketing programs now for a combined sixty years. We share the same values-- a culture that values its people most, straight forward communication, and a drive to be the best at what we do.”

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The snap500 difference


Before we start planning or implementing a project we make sure to understand your business model and your business and marketing situation. We focus on the problems and opportunities that will have the greatest impact on your revenue and margins.

Is your website post-COVID and respectful of diversity?
What are the most compelling messages needed for conversion?


We understand the limitations of each promotional discipline and only deploy what is strategically sound to your marketing objectives. Before that, we will make sure that your marketing objectives are aligned with your marketing problems and opportunities; and before that, we will make sure there is data to support those problems and opportunities.


Many of our clients were focused solely on lead attribution before they came to us. However, many times what generates the most leads does not generate the most revenue. That’s why our team prioritizes revenue attribution.

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Many beautiful websites don’t drive revenue because they were built by designers who don’t understand how Google ranks sites. A substantial part of our business is fixing these websites built by freelancers—and ensuring they rank well on leading search engines.


Our founders (who still work full-time in the business) had their own leading e-commerce and promotion agency businesses before Snap500. We understand business as well as marketing, which keeps us focused on aligning your business goals, budgets and timetables before starting any project.

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We’ve been voted BEST PLACES TO WORK by Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal several years in a row. Our leadership team has been together for almost ten years, and even our millennials have been with us for years. We care about our people and make sure they feel comfortable in order to do their best work whether they are working in our offices or remotely. We believe that family comes first and that we must have a healthy balance of work time, family time, and personal time.

Our Leadership Team

Marc Grossfield

President of Snap500

As President of Snap500, my role focuses on client satisfaction, making sure we deliver clear, ROI-driven marketing initiatives. We use a strict methodology to ensure our proposals are strategically sound and designed to achieve specific goals. Prior to co-founding Snap500 I was CEO of one of the most successful promotional marketing agencies in the country planning and implementing programs for Subway, Target, and Hormel among other prestigious clients.

Chelsey Maas

Creative Director

As Snap's Creative Director, I develop, implement, and manage innovative designs and brand strategies for Snap’s clients. By leveraging my expertise in digital design, branding, and UX best practices, I lead my team in developing smart, compelling content, site structures, and functionality initiatives that drive user engagement and business results.

George Lee

CEO & Accelerator

After 17 years of building, managing, and optimizing multi-channel online brands, I've come to know this industry inside and out. Having built my first e-commerce store in 2000, I have since launched 15 online stores across three different channels. My past experiences also include serving as the senior executive at Datacard Group and MasterCard International, as well as founding and serving as the executive director of TechDump, a non-profit social enterprise that employed the economically disadvantaged.

Spenser Baldwin

President | Minnesota

As the President of Snap, I spend a good portion of each day standing in front of a whiteboard—asking a million questions to my team—and carefully crafting new strategies that position our agency and clients for success. When pressed, I usually blame my love of data on my days spent as a web developer. When I'm not in a conference room or chatting with my team, you can usually find me painting, installing new cabinets, or consulting with my wife, Ashley, about new office renovations.

Josh Kennedy

Vice President

As Snap's Vice President, I specialize in bringing new clients to the agency—establishing long-term relationships that benefit both parties. By implementing cutting-edge sales strategies and managing client relations, I ensure Snap's growth and continuous success.

Abby Herman

Director of Strategy

I lead our team of Strategists in leveraging SEO, digital advertising, attribution tracking, and more to drive measurable results for clients. Together, my team and I create holistic digital strategies that optimize your online presence.



Healthcare tech Company

A globally recognized leader in critical communications for the some of the largest hospitals in the U.S., government and public safety institutions, and colleges needed to up their lead generation game. Their goals were as follows:
        1) Generate leads for new product and services
        2) Increase Market and Sales Qualified Leads (MQLs & SQLs)
        3) Create and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Snap Results:

∙ Organic traffic to website is up 200% YOY
∙ Paid Impressions to website are up 419% YOY
∙ Conversions from Paid Traffic are up 151% YOY

Strategy | Website CRO | SEO | PPC

emergency Clinic

An emergency clinic with multiple locations was not generating the traffic they needed. Their current deployment of SEO and Paid Media were not working.

First we studied the geographical area surrounding each location. Then we revamped their SEO and PPC strategy and tactics accordingly.

Snap Results:
∙ Organic traffic to their website increased 404% YOY
∙ Leads from PPC increased 56% YOY


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